• Glass Bottles - Brown
  • Glass Bottles - Brown

Glass Bottles - Brown

Rs. 250.00

Brown coloured glass ensures that the beer isn't exposed to direct light. Exposure to direct light can cause "skunky" off flavours in beer.

Skunky or cat-musk aromas in beer are caused by photochemical reactions of the isomerized hop compounds. The wavelengths of light that cause the skunky smell are the blue wavelengths and the ultraviolet. Brown glass bottles effectively screen out these wavelengths, but green bottles do not.

Bottle labels are included in the set so that you can give your beer a name and write down important information as well.

Capacity: 330ml

Set: 6/12 bottle set

Type: Recycled (chemically cleaned and aqua rinsed before dispatch)


Auto Siphon
Auto Siphon

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